What is Foxtrotter?

Foxtrotter is a team of creatives who invests time and talent to help various Kingdom centric non-profit organizations promote and grow!  We supply competitive services for nonprofits who need to design, advertise, promote, brand, campaign, or even rebrand in various ways.  We are a one stop hub for creative promotional videos, marketing collateral, websites, photography, digital assets like brand identity, logos and graphics packages, and even apparel production.  We exist to make furthering your cause a bit easier.  Our team will ensure your brand looks and feel professional throughout, keeping it cohesive, practical, clear and impactful.  We are made up of relevant, experienced and talented graphic artists, videographers, photographers and designers, all professionals in their fields. We are a medley of artisans and crafters, a creative mobile studio in essence and we only have one goal, to further your Kingdom advancing organization and its mission to impact.