FOXTROTTER: Addy // Nairobi, Kenya // Trip Date: July 11-21,  2014.

Our very first Foxtrotter, Addy, recaps her adventure to Kenya. Hear how the trip has impacted her and changed her in more ways than she thought. May her very own words be inspiring and encouraging to others who are considering traveling to the other side of the world, to be His hands and feet. But importantly, this is for those who long for God to flip that switch on, the one that can never be turned off. That very switch that causes you to put others first, appreciate what you have, and fuels that burden to make a small difference in our vast and broken world.


Nairobi, Kenya // Trip Date: July 11-21,  2014.

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Addy has done it!  Within a mere three weeks, she is fully funded, huge thanks to you!  She is up to something pretty cool though so please read on!  If you were going to give to Addy and haven't gotten the chance, you still can!  You will still receive her T-shirt while doing so!  Everything that she raises passed the 100% mark will be going to students who are also going on this same Nairobi Trip in July!  Addy wants to help those who are still in the middle of their fundraising efforts.  So for the next 10 days, as she still has shirts available, Addy and Foxtrotter will pay forward 100% of what is raised!  How awesome is that?  Let's go! What are you waiting for? Let's see what 10 days can do! This challenge ends Saturday 6/21!


Meet Addy, she is going to be a Senior this fall at Sandra Day O'Connor High School in Phoenix.
Addy's always had a heart for children, students and missions, her hope is to one day get a job in Ministry. This year she has teamed up with Foxtrotter for an opportunity of a lifetime to experience that passion half way across the world! She will be heading to Nairobi, Kenya on a short term adventure.  She will be working along side a team of adults and students just like her, spending time with children, sharing Christ's love and compassion with the locals, making an eternal impact in a small community. 

In her time there she will be a part of an ongoing, long term sustainable transformation, not just a short term relief.  She will be part of a Bible teaching team, she will go into neighborhoods and homes and share the Gospel. God is doing some big work around the world, and Addy is going to go to the heart of it this summer.

Join Foxtrotter to support her, pray for her,  and cheer her on! In return, with her partnership with Foxtrotter, (who's helping her raise support fully free of cost), every support of $30 or more will receive a gift from Addy, a T-shirt specifically designed for her.  The tee will come with a special thank you from her, and the ability to follow her progress in raising support, as well as check in on her while she is in Kenya!  She will be reporting how God is moving in that part of the world, each and everyday!  That's what we mean by following her adventure!  Her personal hope is that what she is able to show you on this trip, will encourage others to get off the couch and get involved.  Regardless of where and for how long, God's Kingdom is ready for adventurers, young aspiring leaders who have the heart to turn this world right side up, one small step at a time!

Jump in, it's time to inspire a movement.