As you know, Foxtrotter is a team of creatives, graphic designers, photographers, videographers and other creative minds that lend their brilliant minds and ideas for us to continue to expand our exciting campaigns.  Here is a little a bit about the apparel you get when you support our Foxtrotters!

From the beginning, we have partnered with outstanding apparel crafters, our dear friends at Superluxe.  They are a cut above your regular screen printers, they are artisans who've honed their craft over many years through experimenting with the latest and cutting-edge methods of screen printing, as well as perfecting traditional methods that have always gotten the job done.  Foxtrotter is not a client to Superluxe, we are partners.

Along with us, they are out to serve, create and inspire.  Every garment that is produced at Superluxe is carefully inspected, printed and prepared for delivery with care.  We would like to introduce their exclusive Luxe Soft™ method, zero hand-feel inks.  Our shirts crafted exclusively with Luxe Soft™ inks here in Phoenix, and are always printed with the highest level precision, color consistency and quality.  Each garment is professionally hand-selected for each campaign for the perfect fit and feel.  So please rest assured, you are not simply getting just another fundraising T-shirt with crunchy ink blobs on the chest, you are getting crafted art, in every one of our products.  That is a promise made by both the team at Foxtrotter and Superluxe Screen Printing.  Together, we are out to change the way people view and value apparel, apparel that people will actually want to wear again and again.  Oh and yes, in the meantime, we're always trying to change a little piece of our world for the better.  Together.

We are honored to call Superluxe, family, and to have them as our exclusive apparel provider.  We are even more excited that we get to do what we do with such a great group of people, and have a blast doing it.  If you would like to contact them please feel free, they are too good to keep secret!  Tell them the Foxtrotter team said they would be the last T-shirt printer they would ever need to find!

Superluxe Screen Printing 7855 E Evans Rd. Ste. B Scottsdale, AZ 85260  | Superluxe Screen Printing | (480) 247-6643

Superluxe Screen Printing 7855 E Evans Rd. Ste. B Scottsdale, AZ 85260  | Superluxe Screen Printing | (480) 247-6643