Sleepy Lions And Open Spaces

There is something to be said about all the start-ups that we see popping up online today that are attracting a new generation to make a move.  Everywhere you look there are groups doing something new and exciting.  Can you imagine if those brave souls never went through with their idea?  Can you imagine a world where Blake Mycoskie of TOMS shoes, thought that people didn't need shoes that bad and that his "one-for-one" idea would never work?  Or if Scott Harrison of Charity Water never amplified the impact clean water could make in the health, education and the economy of remote countries most of us have never heard of?  These innovators, world changers, and trend setters, were once like the students that are sitting in school right now.  They worried about a zit, they spent time worrying about the parties after football games, school dances, Friday nights and maybe even their grades!  What made those individuals break the mold and put that misused energy spent on worry, to good use?  We believe it had to do with influence.  Positive influence.  Specific events in their lives shaped who they'd become.  Those events were filled with people.  People who filled them.  A seed of goodness and joy was planted during that time deep down in a place where it wouldn't be forgotten.  Someone else, or many, came alongside them and continued to water that seed.  But what truly set up those opportunities for this positive growth? The answer is space.  World changers put themselves in situations where they say, how can I help?  They also ask, what can I do to fill this specific need, right here, right now?  They look for those who've paved the way, those who once were shown how to serve others without expecting anything in return.  They move into that space and take it in. 

In that space, they are open to truly taking in what their very purpose is, in that very point in time.  They live it, breathe it in and exhale breaths of fulfillment.  As Foxtrotter kicks off this crazy idea of helping these very students and young people move into these spaces, we are excited.  We are excited to help the future generation get to where they need to be to absorb those things that will shape them into the leaders they aspire to be.  We are honored to have heard stories of hope, dreams and faith from students who hope to one day do something meaningful.  Parents, teachers, coaches, counselors, pastors, whoever you may be, stop and picture those kids that are sitting in class today and be assured that in those young men and women, lies a sleeping lion that awaits release.  They may not come right out and say it, but we are sure that in all of them, quietly resides this need to do something meaningful.  Let's not wait until their young lives fill up with regret before they are told that they are believed in.  Now is the time, not to write them off, but to instill hope and encouragement.  Let's remind them that they matter, that they are what the world needs, not what the world has excess of.  Let's lead them to that space, that space where God awaits to awake that beautiful young soul, so that soul may roar louder than ever for many to hear.

 - Team Foxtrotter