One. Not Everyone.

May and June are an interesting months.  If you know students ages 16 to around college age, you're most likely getting bombarded with support letters right now.  Maybe you're not getting the old school snail mail letter, which surely has its charm.  But in one way or another you hear about these young people looking to fund raise for their upcoming trip, whether through email, social media, or a co-worker.  Do you ever feel overwhelmed or even stuck, on who to give to?  Do you apply that silly rule that "If I can't help everyone, I won't help anyone."  Who came up with that rule really?  Does it come from our parents who lovingly said they couldn't let us have that certain something because then, our siblings also had to have that certain something?  They could give to one, but not to all.  But that's the point exactly, they COULD give to ONE.  One of the best communicators out there right now, is Pastor Andy Stanley, who a few years ago preached a sermon on the topic of  "Doing for one, what you wish you could do for everyone", and he challenged the thinking behind that rational.  A simple thought, that if revisited could change more lives than we know.

As we see social media flooded with students trying to fundraise each their own way, we hope that many of their friends and families will step up and help them with a few bucks.  A true investment, something that keeps on giving. Chances are if you have a Facebook account or Twitter, you can log in right now, and within a string of 50 or so posts in your Newsfeed, someone has posted, liked or re-tweeted someone's fundraising cause.  The need is there!  There is no doubt about that.  At Foxtrotter we wish we could do for everyone, what we're doing for a few.  Some is always better than none.  As we continue to grow and scale our efforts up, we will be taking on greater challenges.  We will be hearing amazing stories, dreams will be shared with us, and difficult goals will be set.  We will also be telling those amazing stories, helping realize dreams and reach those tough goals. Not for all we're sure, but at least for few. And that is the small part we can play.

So what are you waiting for?  Support one of these students who need your help!  It doesn't have to be our Foxtrotters, it can be anyone.  So go and do for one, what you wish you could do for everyone.  You will surely make an impact, to few, which is better than none.


- Team Foxtrotter