Our very first Foxtrotter, Addy, reached her goal in 2 weeks and 5 days.  Her friends, family and even people who didn't know her personally jumped in and supported her!  That is incredible. It's been a fun three weeks watching her friends proudly wear her shirt, telling others about her venture, as well as reading the words of encouragement that come through with each donation from friends and family.  As you may have seen from her update video, Addy and the team at Foxtrotter thought of something new as we have a few days left in her original campaign!  It's more of an add-on, are you ready for it?

We learned about a few other students who are also planning to go on this exact same Nairobi trip.  They are still in the middle of the fundraising efforts, most have written support letters and slowly working toward their goal in their own way.  Something then clicked for us.  As Addy had T-shirts left over and still had people who hadn't given yet, we thought it would be good to keep the giving open so those who planned on supporting her would still have a chance to... with a small twist!  Here is our pay-it-forward concept, Foxtrotter style.  Everything given to her within the next 10 days, (ending 6/21) will go to those students, giving them a boost in their efforts!  The donors will still be getting Addy's shirt, and 100% of the money raised is paid forward for those students, putting them one step closer to their adventure!  We couldn't help everyone, but we helped one, Addy, and now she wants to help others.  (Our last blog covered the "do for one what you wish you could do for everyone" concept... click here to read it.)

What an exciting way to celebrate Addy being fully funded!  We don't know what will come of this follow up effort, but we thought it would be kind of fun.  Addy is excited about the opportunity and will make a push to help her peers.  This raises the question: What if we always kept the "pay-it forward" concept in the forefront of our mind?  Whether we do it out of being blessed and fortunate, as Addy has been in the past three weeks regarding her efforts to fund raise, or just because, weeks, months, or years ago, someone made a gesture that truly helped us.  And what if we simply mimicked great acts of generosity previously done onto us?  What if?  Do we truly recognize that giving out of a pure heart, as all of Addy's supporters have, outshines giving out of abundance?  The pay-it-forward concept is surely not a new one.  But it surely is good when we have a chance to weave it into certain times in our lives.  What people will say to this effort from Addy may surprise us, much may be given, much may not.  But we know one thing is for sure.  The project has already done so much good for many, an abundant outpouring of love has already taken place, and one girl is on her way to a trip that will surely change her forever.  Thank you to those who are following us, life change through project such as these, is worth all of the hours invested in teeing up a home run, such as this.


- Team Foxtrotter