Thank you for your support!  Dominick has been fully funded for Nicaragua! The campaign raised a little over $2,100 and he will be giving away over 60 T-shirts in the buy-one-give-one match.

FOXTROTTER IV: Dominick | Masaya, Nicaragua March 14th-21st.

The Target:

On March 14th, I will be embarking on a journey that will be like nothing I have done before.  I will be boarding a plane to Masaya, Nicaragua where I will be assisting women finance their own small business.  Many of these women work in extreme poverty and sell crafts to the public for their source of  income.  The problem is they lack the resources and funds to allow their business to flourish.   Along with a small team from Grand Canyon University, I will be helping them gain the necessary skills to operate their business on a higher level, and eventually, help them get approved for these micro loans that could be a game-changer for them.  For the short time we are there, our goal is to help them acquire that small loan so they can purchase the necessary materials to craft their product, take care of logistical needs and everything else they may need to be successful.  Our mission does not end there.  We are looking to bring hope by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them, bless, encourage, believe in them and pray for them.   Our walk with them will be short, but we hope that our interaction will be life-changing for us both.  

The Partner:

Our mission partner is Students International and the missionary we will partner up with is a woman named Katia.  Located in the micro-finance market of Nicaragua, she works at a small finance institution called Mi Banquito, which has a strong social focus.  Mi Banquito stands out for its emphasis on the holistic development as well as its provision of responsible financial services. The institution has remained true to its initial goal of providing its clients (90% of which are women) with an opportunity for economic growth, in addition to personal and professional empowerment.  Students International's microfinance site in Nicaragua has helped train under privileged women, teaching them skills, teaching them how to save for the future, and then giving them micro loans to start small businesses, while at all times sharing the Gospel with them in a practical way. Participants will be involved in the training, helping with accounting for loans and being able to build heathy relationships.

The Lasting Impact:

At the end of the day success will fade, the most meaningful things in life are not the things you buy, but the impact you've had on others.  We don't get many chances to share the Gospel and encourage those who have less than we do here in the United States.  I am hoping that this experience will help me see life differently and help me grow in my faith.  This trip will be a moment in time that will surely not leave us the same.  We are prepping for change, and we cannot wait to see God work in the lives of those we have yet to encounter, and most certainly, his work in our very own hearts.

Acts 20:24 says “However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me, the task of testifying the good news of  God’s grace.”  We want to bring hope to those who will meet us in Nicaragua, but I have a feeling, they will be the ones who fill us with it.  I can't wait.


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