FOXTROTTER: Justin // Sumatra, Indonesia

Trip Date: September 4-14,  2014.


Sumatra, Indonesia

Trip Date: September 4-14th,  2014.

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Meet Justin, he is a Senior at Sandra Day O'Connor High School in Phoenix.  Justin had been challenged at his last two summer camps to go out and do something to impact a little piece of the world, whether it was through serving with the children and Youth at church or maybe even go on a mission trip.  He is now about to do both.  Currently, he leads a small group of 7th grade boys every weekend at church without fail, invests in them with his time and energy.  Learning each week, how to become a better leader through his peers and pastors.  He now has the opportunity to dig even deeper!

Through this opportunity he hopes to be an example and even an inspiration for his boys as well as his peers, to one day, pack a bag and go out to make a difference for Jesus.  Justin will be the only high school student traveling with a small team which includes pastors, a journalist and a professional photographer.  He will be the young eyes and ears in this group and is looking forward to it.  The team will fly into Jakarta, Indonesia from Phoenix, and then make their way to the island of Sumatra, where the beloved coffee bean comes from.  Sumatra is one of the 13,000 islands that make up Indonesia.  It is home to 30 active volcanos, 50 million people, of which a third are living under the poverty line and in slums.  It is also the 6th most populated island on earth, where only less than 10% of the people are Christians.

While there, the team will partner up with local community development workers who take part in reading programs to increase literacy in the rural areas, which encourage parents to place higher value on education for their children.  Through this program, they are able to help improve health conditions through education, as well as sanitation and agriculture, and teach good moral values.  The team will observe, serve and learn about the work that needs to be done in Indonesia.  But it gets better... These amazing locals also do so much more, they bring God’s Word with them, bringing light to the people and unashamedly show people the love of Jesus through everything they do.  So many are hearing the Good News for the very first time! Churches are being planted, lives are being changed, and they are looking to help! 

Join Foxtrotter in supporting him, pray for him and follow his progress!  Every support of $30 or more will receive a gift from Justin, a T-shirt specifically designed for his trip to Indonesia.  Help Justin change a little piece of this world!  

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