What is Foxtrotter? // new script


Not very long ago, a group of friends noticed a need.

It was a local need, that if filled, could turn into a powerful movement.

That need were young people with dreams, goals and exciting missions.

They were all different. But had the same roadblocks.

All of them needed to raise money.

All of them needed a platform from which to share and make their cause known.

And most importantly, most of them needed people who'd believe in them.


That same group of friends who noticed the need, decided to do something about it.

They gathered their ideas, talents and resources, and began Foxtrotter.

Foxtrotter is simple.

It's made up of a creative team, who are out to help the next generation complete short term goals.

Short term goals that leave lasting impacts.

Goals such as going on mission trips.

Putting together benefit events, or simply raise awareness for the cause of their choice.

But it's also much more than that.

Foxtrotter believes that these young people can change a little piece of our world.

We believe that these young people have the potential to inspire others to do the same.

One creative campaign at a time.


The time is now to get behind a generation that is fired up to help fix a broken world.

We've heard their need.  And we are here to help encourage them.

Support them, and make their voices heard.

At no cost.


It's time to come together and support the future generation of difference makers.

They've awaken from their sleep.

These are no couch potatoes.

They are ready to be the change.

They are ready to inspire a movement.


Learn more at Foxtrotter.org (could be a screen graphic to close.)