Project Completed!
Project completed!
Project completed!


At Foxtrotter, we make a bold promise to you and your team.  100% of the public donations for campaigns and or its overflow (in the case of an over-fundraise situation) will go to benefit Foxtrotter projects and the groups that campaign through us.  We know that each generous dollar is a sacrifice from our donors.  Therefore, we are committed to letting you know that all the gifts that are earmarked for a specific campaign, go into our Mission Create, our partners, which then fully funnel the funds into Team Foxtrotter, LLC.  A small group of donors who give directly to Foxtrotter, covers all of our operating expenses. Therefore their generous support paves the way for us to scale the organization to the 100% model.  So when we say that 100% of your gifts given to specific campaigns are going to that individual/group, we really mean it!*  Support Team Foxtrotter here, if you would like to help the team keep this venture 100% free of charge!

* Please note that in accordance of tax laws that prohibit donations designated to an individual, funds raised to support individuals/group for mission trips and or causes will go into a pool to support the entire team at Foxtrotter. Individual support will be tracked internally to determine the effectiveness of the individual or groups’s ability to raise support. Team Foxtrotter, LLC has full control of the donated funds and discretion as to their use in order for your donation to be tax deductible.


You may give by check if you would like.  All checks must be made payable to Team Foxtrotter LLC, and in the memo line, you may write Foxtrotter, not the name of the individual or campaign it benefits.  If needed, you may indicate that name/campaign to which you would like to support on a post-it/note and enclose it in the envelope.  

Please mail check to:

Team Foxtrotter

6635 W Happy Valley Rd, PMB A104-628

Glendale, AZ 85310